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Explore Dragverse with Privy: A New Era of Access

It's a fabulous start to a HOT SUMMER! ☀ We’re excited to announce a major milestone in our journey: the integration of the Privy login for the This marks a significant step in making our platform more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. 🌈✨

The Impact of GG20 and Community Support

With a matching pool of $1,647,000 and 173,596 donations from 35,109 donors to 629 projects, the Gitcoin GG20 was another impactful round! For Dragverse, we've received $963 from 441 unique donors over five rounds during GG18, GG19, and GG2o. These funds have been crucial in establishing our entity, and supporting local Drag shows in Venezuela, and will help fund our next digital event. A heartfelt thank you to all the donors and the 800+ growers who enjoyed Drag performances during the Let’s GROW DAO Livestream! ⚡

Why Privy?

In our continuous effort to create a seamless and inclusive platform, and after exploring options, we've decided to build with Privy to offer multiple login options. Privy allows users to log in with their wallets, email addresses, social accounts, or phone numbers. This integration ensures that whether you’re a seasoned blockchain user or new to the space, you can easily access and explore the

We connected with Privy this ETHDenver, during the meet up they hosted at a wonderful brewery in Denver. There we got a better understanding of how everything goes behind the scenes and got to meet teams from multiple projects including Fluidkey and Talent Protocol. We additionally have been experimenting with the Farcaster client the Privy team has been building, in our quest to make the Dragverse a broader and more interoperable app across ecosystems.

Exclusive Access for Donors and Early Testers

Currently, only our Dragverse Donors and those added to our invite list can enter and explore the This exclusive access is our way of thanking you for your unwavering support and contributions. If you’ve donated during GG18, GG19, or GG20, or if you’re an early tester, you should have received an invite.

Building with Privy to login to the Dragverse

How to Get Started

  1. Log In with Privy: Visit and choose your preferred login method: wallet, email, or phone number.

  2. Explore the Platform: Once logged in, you can connect your Lens profile and start interacting with multimedia content from the ecosystem. You can also publish videos and bytes. If you don't have a Lens profile, you will be taken to mint one. Currently, the 8 MATIC go to tape.yxz since we are building on top of their repository.

  3. Join the Conversation: Engage with the community on Console Chat. Share your experiences, provide feedback, and help us shape the future of Dragverse.

What’s Next?

As we continue to develop and refine Dragverse, we’re excited about the upcoming show production roadmap and the technical features we are working on around livestreaming, Farcaster, and logging in with other social accounts like TikTok and Instagram. Thank you for your support on this journey of bringing better social media tools to our community! Stay tuned.

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