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WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 🍗 The Dragverse Takes the Stage at the Next Video Build Hackathon.

We are thrilled to announce that the Dragverse team was one of the three main winners of the recent Next Video Build hackathon, sponsored by Livepeer and hosted by Encode. This 8-week hackathon was dedicated to building web3 video creator tools and applications on the Livepeer protocol, and we are honored to have been recognized for our work.

The Dragverse is a decentralized web app we are building to connect fans with drag creators and others in the community. Our goal is to create a space where drag artists can live-stream their art and mint videos as collectibles that their communities can collect for free, auction, or at a set price. We are using cutting-edge blockchain technologies and protocols like Lense and Livepeer to make this possible.

As new programmers and builders, we were excited to take on the challenge of the Next Video Build hackathon. We started with what we were comfortable with: UX/UI and what we wanted to accomplish. We researched how our audience uses live streaming, gathered data about use cases, and identified the must-have features for our web app. We also learned how to create a React App, connect Livepeer Client and Player, live-streamed using OBS, and connect ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Builder.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Livepeer and all the other sponsors of the hackathon, including Aptos, Arweave, Ceramic, ENS, The Graph, Huddle01, Lens Protocol, Lit Protocol, NFTPort, Polygon, Push Protocol, Streamr, XMTP, and Web3 Storage (Filecoin/IPFS) for their support and guidance throughout the event. We also want to shout out to the fantastic panel of judges from Livepeer, Aja Dubiansky, Hans Yadav, Suhail Kakar, Shih-Yu Hwang, and Shannon Wells, who picked the Livepeer challenge winners.

You can watch our pitch below, and please make sure to check out the other projects on this hackathon. Some of them include LensTok, Embrace, Euler, and Reflexer.

We are thrilled to have won this hackathon and are excited to continue building the Dragverse. 🚀✨🏗 We can't wait for the drag community to see what we have in store and what we are making together.

Our Next Video Build Deliverables

For more information on how to become a collaborator, please reach out to salti [@] dragverse [.] io

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