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All About Dragverse

Welcome to Dragverse, a community-driven platform empowering drag creators to connect, create, and express themselves freely with safety and support.

The Dragverse Community

Together we create space, take up air, and define new systems.


Ensuring the platform meets the needs of the community.

Builders in the Dragverse community bring their unique skills, code, art, and creativity to ensure that our platform meets the evolving needs of our community. Join us and shape the future of drag in the digital space using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI.


Embracing decentralized technology to foster their own communities.

Creators are at the heart of the Dragverse. We encourage you to advocate for yourselves, share your art, and amplify your voice. Whether you're a seasoned drag performer or just starting your journey, Dragverse provides the platform and tools to showcase your talent, connect with your audience, and make a lasting impact.

Drag Lovers & Allies

Keeping the network alive and supporting drag content creators.

Our vibrant community is what keeps Dragverse thriving. As drag enthusiasts and allies, you play a vital role in sustaining the network. Show your support by engaging with creators, attending events, and championing the art of drag. Together, let's build a community that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of drag.

The Dragverse Platform

An open-source, community-driven platform that provides tools to creators and their communities to thrive. 

The Dragverse Community

A community of Drag innovators reaching new audiences, trying new tools, and accessing a whole world of possibilities.

The Dragverse Brand

 You own your creations, and we ensure their safety while hosting unforgettable digital experiences.

A purposeful platform for drag artists and their community.

Same community, different apps.

The Dragverse is built similarly to Lenstube, ORB, Lenster, and other apps in the Lens ecosystem. Users can access the same followers and content through different apps in various ways.

Curating and creating Drag content

We are building a platform for creators to share videos and Livestream with their community using their key or creating one with Livepeer. Our vision for the future is to turn Dragverse into a super app that functions like your favorite social media platform.

Tip your Drag artist and collect artwork.

When you connect your purse 👛 or wallet, you can tip your artist and share their artwork with your community if you have a Lens profile.

Safe space that's not Twitter.

Social media can be unsafe for the queer and Drag communities, so we're taking action by building our own social network app from scratch.

Digital Drag Experiences with other humans

Those avatars you see? They're not just pixels on a screen. They represent real people coming together to celebrate the joy of drag. Experience the thrill of connecting with fellow drag enthusiasts as you dance to the beats of famous DJ Mr. SWE at the META SNOWBALL drag event. It's an electrifying fusion of music, art, and community that will leave you wanting more. Join us and be part of the digital drag revolution.

Advocating for ourselves in the space

Our platform empowers creators to be authentic, express themselves freely, and challenge societal norms. Together, we are creating a space where everyone can shine and thrive.

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Experience the art of drag in new ways

Being online doesn't have to be boring! In our Decentraland digital World, you can immerse yourself in art, attend exciting events, join fabulous parties, and indulge in unforgettable drag experiences. Get ready to embrace the creativity, energy, and magic of drag like never before. Visit Dragverse World and discover a whole new world of drag expression.

Our Community

At Dragverse, the community is everything. We're a diverse, passionate, and inclusive family united by our love for drag. Together, we create a safe and empowering space where drag artists, fans, and allies can connect, collaborate, and grow.

Dragverse News

Talking Mental Health Action with Fag Sabbath ⚡

Our leader, saltï, caught up with her internet friend Fag Sabbath to get to know each other more and learn how to get involved with the drag community. 

Arizona Brandy

Dragverse's Lipsync Assassin

Our recent Dragverse Hall of Famer, Arizona Brandy, will join the DragRace Philippines Season 2 cast. Take a sip of THAT! We can't wait to watch the show.🥃

Crystal Claire 

Dragverse's Lipsync Assassin

Congratulations to our Crystal Claire for winning the Lipsync Assassin title at the House of Fantasy competition in Caracas, Venezuela.

Latest Tea


The Dragverse Brand

We concentrate on facilitating fun, safe, and stunning experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine social media for drag artists, providing them with the tools, support, and platform they need to create, connect, and thrive.

Our Vision

We envision a future where drag artists have full ownership and control over their content, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated, and where drag innovation knows no bounds.

Our Culture

While we love racing, we believe drag is much more than that. Drag is about expression, connection, and coming together to have a fabulous time. 

The Dragverse Team

At Dragverse, we work tirelessly to bring our vision to life. We are a dedicated group of individuals who believe in the power of drag to create change and inspire others. In January 2022, five strangers came together after a drag queen's inspiring pitch at the ETHGlobal NFTHack hackathon. Their collaboration led them to win the "Best Community Tools Hack" from Zora, receiving support from the Livepeer team. In January 2023, Dragverse became a top three winner in the Next Video Build hackathon, showcasing their dedication to revolutionizing web3 video creator tools. Later in the year, they were named one of the Best Lens Apps at ETH Denver.

Founder and Community Leader

Leo (saltï) Martínez-Davis 

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Co-founder and Operations Leader

Vansh Gehlot

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Co-founder and Development Leader

Will Lopez-Cordero

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The Answers You Need

There are multiple ways to explore the Dragverse entities! To watch video content created on the leading network and access our metaverse worlds like Decentraland (on desktop) and Spatial (On desktop and mobile), visit 

How do I enter the Dragverse?

Stay connected with us on social media! We will soon share more details about our onboarding process and how we can add value to builders who are committed to the community. Our goal is to collaborate on a roadmap and develop a network that benefits everyone.

How do I become a Dragverse Builder?

As we gain more access to the main network, we will onboard more creators to the platform so they can easily stream and share video content with their community. We want to prioritize drag creators when we get our hands on whitelisting spots, but we hope everyone can access Lens more easily. If you have a Lens profile, check to see if you can bring more people.

How do I become a Dragverse Creator?

 As a Dragverse brand, we concentrate on maintaining the network and putting together fun balls and kikis where we get more exposure and growth as artists and entertainers. As a community, we will have defined systems to ensure the platform is safe, that we are all taking advantage of technology that helps us become sovereign content creators, and that the platform works for us. Also, create a Drag Fund that could help benefit digital experiences, IRL (in-real-life) shows, or local Drag initiatives. 

How is the Dragverse managed?

At Dragverse, we understand that not everyone is familiar with cryptocurrency, the Lens protocol, and blockchain. That's why we're here to help you easily navigate this exciting new Digital World.

Think of your wallet in the Dragverse as your trusty 👛 "purse," where you keep your digital assets safe and secure. You can consider Rainbow Wallet or Safe Wallet. Just like you wouldn't leave your purse unattended, your wallet protects your valuable items within the Dragverse ecosystem. It's where you store your SODA Pass, granting you access to exclusive experiences like saltï's World. While using a wallet may seem unfamiliar, it's a necessary step to immerse yourself in the Dragverse community fully.

Rest assured, our team is working diligently to make the user experience seamless. Shortly, we will introduce account abstraction, a feature that simplifies blockchain interactions, making it even easier to enjoy all the Dragverse offers. So embrace your virtual purse and embark on an exciting journey with us. We're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your drag experience in the digital realm is secure, seamless, and filled with joy.

Do I need a wallet to use the Dragverse?

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