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The curtain falls on Gitcoin #GG19, and our hearts are brimming with gratitude ✨


As the Gitcoin #GG19 rounds end, we thank everyone who rallied behind our mission. A special shout-out to Ben WΞst and the incredible team for guiding us through the application process and amplifying our voice throughout the Spaces sessions. Their support has been instrumental, and we're feeling inspired and motivated!

In their own words, GG19 marked the culmination of the biggest Quadratic Funding event in web3. From Nov 15th to Nov 29th, 2023, it aimed to recenter core values, enhance program quality, elevate user experience, boost transparency, and advance decentralization. Back to the roots we go!

The Dragverse took center stage in the Web3 Community, Education, and Web3 Social rounds. With 312 enthusiastic "vonators," we raised $326.86. Coupled with the remaining funds from #GG18, after supporting the vibrant community in Venezuela for "Raise The Drag Vol 2," we're putting these resources to work. They're not just numbers but the building blocks for creating bilingual onboarding materials, fostering community growth, and organizing our next fabulous Dragverse Ball. This is our way of showing gratitude in action!

As Drag creators, fans, and builders, we believe in the transformative power of technology, the entrepreneurial scrappy skills we possess, and the creative spirit that leads us. The Dragverse isn't just a platform; it's a vibrant community shaping the future and leveraging the tools to support each other paths- whatever that looks like! Your support resonates deeply as we leverage this tech to open new avenues for creative expression, monetization, and collaboration for often underrepresented communities in cities and towns worldwide.

Thank you for being part of our journey! Brick by brick, we continue #BuildingProudly🌈

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